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Roger Brown

General Information

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03 6383 4687
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Beauty Point, 7270

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Roger malcolm Brown
About the Artist :
65 years young,retired jack of all trades,trying to master one,have been Carving Huon Pine for over 30 years with a fair degree of success,Bibliography,The Huon Pine Story by Kerr and McDermott,over 700 Carvings now in Australia and many overseas,my motto is,"If I can Draw it I can Carve it"largest Piece to date was a 4 metre Carving depicting 5 of Tom Roberts Paintings,circa 1880s,the majority of my work consists of the Australian Past,several carvings can be viewed,hope you enjoy,my latest piece is a relief Carving of the PS Adelaide plying the Murray River,approx 2 metres long,very detailed.

Current Artwork