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Annalisa Pettitt Tonone

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Western Australia
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Banksia Grove, 6031

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My earliest memory of painting was at the age of 5 in my beloved Ghana. I was born and raised in West African Nation and I have a vivid memory of painting with chalks on our beach house floor in Pram Pram. Whether at school or at home one could always find me drawing or painting. My passion had been born.
At the age of 13 to further encourage and guide this talent my parents sent me to Italy to study fine art at The Liceo Artistico High School. I attended for two years and then returned home to Ghana to continue my studies with a local artist. I had so missed the landscape, the vivid colors , the vibrancy and energy of the people there. Today this is more often than not reflected in my work.
I am still a student of art always learning new techniques, embracing and sharing new ideas from fellow artists as I continue my travels. My current home base is now Perth, Australia with my family. I have participated in several local exhibitions in addition to tutoring privately in my home studio here in Perth.

Current Artwork