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General Information

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0419 669 12
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WOORIM, Bribie Island, 4507

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About the Artist :
I am a semi retired commercial retail designer who enjoys painting in my spare time, I have painted most of my adult life using some watercolour but mostly acrylic mediums. I enjoy painting land and sea scapes, and old buildings of Australiana. I have had 3 successful exhibitions, the latest some years ago now.
My favourite artists are the famous French impressionists such as Renoir and Monet, and whilst I dont actually paint in the impressionist style..( my work is more modern traditional ) I do like to use some of the feeling of that style in my paintings.
Because of my love of those artists, I travelled to Paris just over 3 years ago to visit the galleries there, but also to photograph and sketch some of the iconic cafe's of Montmartre, where I took an apartment for 2 weeks, so that I could paint them when I came back. I also spent 8 days in the Loire Valley region of France where I took further sketched and Photographed scenes from that area.
As a result of that trip I have recently completed 8 paintings of mostly cafe's and restaurants of Montmartre, which have just been beautifully mounted and framed, all bar one of which are for sale, (one I sold back to France to the owners of a holiday cottage I stayed in at Breil, in the Loire Valley .

Current Artwork