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Yelena Dyumin

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Bondi Junction, 2022

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˜Painting is not what I do it is who I am.

Artwork is, by its very nature, a by-product of the way we think and feel.

I am a creative type: I feel truly balanced only when immersed in the creative act. I believe that artistic creativity is an innate character trait rather than an acquired skill. In this sense, I was born an artist.

The Art...is my soul. And with this soul I inspire and become inspired. The Art...is what we all aspire to create and this art speaks a multitude of languages.

My paintings represent an outward expression of the blend of my inner thoughts and emotions with the physical world in which we all live. Vibrant colours and a strong design sense co-exist with humour and compassion to create varied pieces with a universal and timeless appeal.

The Art...is all I am and proudly all I shall remain.

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