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Oltay  Taylor

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Coogee , 2034

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Using the OLTAY 'Let It Flow' principle of creativity, my works are usually colourful contemporary compositions of places or themes. A lover of the modern art classics such as Kandinsky through to wonderful mobile sculptures of Alexander Calder.
'Let it flow' - the secret to releasing your full creativity Learning, playing, writing, singing, painting, thinking, business-ing, living...it all starts with being ready to create...ready to release. The simple, but unique OLTAY's 'let it flow' method free's all the expectations from your creativity and unleashes your full passion (not 'potential', that word is already too limiting!).
When it comes to Art mainly Painting or Sculptures, its really about first 'being in the zone', clearing the mind, have a great photo or scene or theme in front of you and just 'letting it flow' freely!

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