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Marta Madison

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Atchison St. St Leonards, 2065

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Marta Madison has been painting and illustrating for over 30 years. Over the last two years her interest has turned to textiles and wearable art. The painting you are looking at is one of a series of silk paintings of flowers notable for its Japanese influences. Marta says:

'Using Habatoi silk and French dyes, I let the paint flow in exotic patterns, enjoying the free form patterns and colour blends that emerge.I am always surprised by what transpires.'

Connecting with the spiritual and singular beauty of a natural fabric as old as time, she specialises in hand-painted silk and wool-felted scarves, as well as jewellery. Her unique necklaces, brooches and cufflinks for men and women are made by embedding antique stamps and found objects into resin and Fimo® clay.

For her felted scarves, she sources wool locally from an Annangrove NSW wool farm. She relishes the resurgence of the artisan craftswoman and the tactile nature of wool. The unexpected results of mixing wool and silk fibres in her wearable art are a constant fascination for her.

'I find the process of silk painting and felting both meditative and deeply spiritual, connecting me to the earth and to a time when things were handmade and recycled.'Ł

Also an experienced fashion illustrator, Marta is rediscovering the beauty of fabric and fashion in a series of black and white drawings, exploring negative space created using white pencil on black paper. These are on view now in her studio and on the web.

Current Artwork